For the past several years we have been working with Festivals and Music Artists helping them communicate to fans, and potential attendees.  We have been managing street teams for all genres of music and we are subject matter experts in developing campaigns that make a difference.

We have taken all of this knowledge and placed it within Kmunitii (Pronounced – Community), where we can drive interaction and turn volunteerism into rewards.

Our MANAGED campaign will work with your marketing team to drive interaction with yur audience.

*Your Organization will not be charged for running the community, as we will bring in our sponsors to cover our costs of running your branded Kmunitii.

Book a DEMO of our platform and download some of our customer stories.


Connect with your fans and donors that support your cause and ask them to promote your mission and vision and spread the word to increase your audience and ultimately drive results, financially and through mobilization . You will get the benefit of helping great causes achieve their goals. Best of all we subsidize the cost for your cause because we work with you to find a sponsor to cover the costs of running your campaign.

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